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Welcome to the world of
the great shaman-hero Kiviuq!

In 2004 forty Inuit elders graciously shared their memories of Kiviuq with filmmaker John Houston and storyteller Kira Van Deusen. It was a privilege and a pleasure to sit with these master storytellers who told the legend as they heard it from their own elders, and answered our questions. They wanted the story to be available to young people both in Nunavut and beyond, feeling that it has life-giving meaning today in today’s world.

This site presents Kiviuq’s story in the words of Inuit elders. For most of the sections of the story it appears in three languages and writing systems: English, Inuktitut syllabics, (used in most of Nunavut,) and Inuinnaqtun, which uses the Latin alphabet and is spoken and written in the western part of Nunavut. Completion of the Inuktitut syllabics and Inuinnaqtun is on the way. For information on downloading and installing the Nunacom font, which will allow your web browser to show the Inuktitut syllabics, click here.

We welcome your input. Have you heard more stories about Kiviuq that you'd like to share here? Have you drawn a picture? Please send us your comments.

John Houston has since made a film called Kiviuq, released in January 2007.

Kira Van Deusen presents Kiviuq in a storytelling performance with original music. She has also recently finished a book called Kiviuq—An Inuit Hero and his Siberian Cousins, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Kira Van Deusen selected and edited the stories on this website, and wrote the accompanying material.

Robert MacNevin designed and implemented this website.

The Kitikmeot Heritage Society coordinated transcription and translation of
the stories. Visit their site at

On to Kiviuq's Story.

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